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It’s been a while since I’ve posted my last blog! Hello~! How is everybody doing?

As everybody knows, we all woke up (in Asian timezone) to the crazy news about the bombing in Boston, MA, just hours ago. Everybody’s affected as much as we are clueless. Terrorist attack? Crazy man? The bottom line, hundreds of people have been injured, and more sadly, some have already passed away.

I am sad that I’ve been seeing a lot of posts in social media such as “Why do they care for Boston, yet not care for the children who are in war-stricken areas, every single day?”. I have to admit, maybe it’s sensationalism or the power of media, but let’s also remember that these kinds of things hit close to home. A lot of people have relatives over there, and from all the photos, videos of the actual event, and seeing all the wounded runners, it’s a sight nobody ever wants to see, in person or in photos.

We pray, not just for their safety, but for the hopes that this is a lesson for everybody to be more careful, more vigilant, and more brave for what is to come.

I remember talking with my brother when we watched an End of the World themed movie, about how our world might “end”. Could it be a natural disaster that’s going to take everybody and Earth with a single sweep? Ghosts? Aliens? The crazy thing is, there’s always a lingering feeling in me that the world could actually end in our own hands, from humans. From all the crazyness, will we just all become evil and eat ourselves with our thoughts and actions? But if that was the case, it would have probably happened a long time ago if humans were generally evil.

In the present, the important thing is that we all have the power to help out each other, and reach out to support. Even the little prayers show how much people are concerned of others, regardless of reason.

I think It never matters whether this is a connection to any terrorist group, or a much wanted evil person, or even North Korea, from what I’ve been reading from my friend’s Facebook walls. The important thing is that for each of these kinds of people, there are hundreds, if not thousands of us who would rather help out the victims than to blow each other up to smithereens. For one person who has the idea of bombing up and killing innocents, there are much, much more that would rush into danger just to save those people who will be hit by it. That’s the power of humanity.

These kinds of things teach people to be brave in front of darkness, and learn to say that no matter how evil one person is, they are always outnumbered by the goodness in everybody else’s hearts.

Let’s continue to do our best, for ourselves, for others, and for the important things that we want to achieve and share!

CNBLUE - I’m Sorry

Everybody knows CNBLUE, the popular band that has a very original sound, and this is their newest song “I’m Sorry”. I love how they have that very modern yet organic arrangements on their songs, and their style is amazing, too!

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